HCCI has the ability, knowledge, and experience to perform any general contracting project in the commercial and industrial sectors and also has the capability of bonding projects up to 10 million dollars. Holleman Construction tailors to the needs and wants of our customers on an individual basis. We aid our customers in ensuring all their needs are met and maintained a relationship even after the job has been completed; which explains why many of our customers call us back whenever they have future project come up. Our customers are viewed as an extension of the HCCI family.

Construction has been in the Holleman family for over 100 years and four generations. Holleman Construction Company Inc. was started by Asa Holleman in January of 1972. Asa’s background in construction started with his chemical engineering degree from Texas A & M University in June 1948. He worked previously for his father-in-law Percy L. Carpenter, who owned a large general contracting business; Carpenter Bros. Construction which was started in 1942, based out of Dallas Texas. While working for Carpenter Bros., Asa traveled extensively doing many jobs outside the Texas state lines and several international power plant projects. This is the very reason he decided to start his own contracting business in ’72. He promised his wife Billie Holleman that his new company would keep its business in the Dallas/Fort worth Metroplex.

The company started out on two loans from a couple of sub contractors that he had done business with at Carpenter Bros. HCCI was working out of the garage of the Holleman house and since the good Lord blessed him with an abundance of work and new customers, the garage did not last long at all. He first paid the loans off pre mature, and then purchased the property on Julian Street and built HCCI’s first and only office to date. In 1992 Asa retired, he sold the business to his two sons, Mark and Chris Holleman.

Chris took the role as President and Mark assumed the Vice President position and operated very successfully for many years. In ’01, Mark went on to pursue his antique buying and selling. Presently, Chris is Owner and President, and still operates out of the same office for the past 42 years, 43 years if you count the garage.